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Testimonials - Career

Thanks to this morning, I'm now cleared enough to blast through my to do list. Productivity is up 10-fold, writers block is gone, and I'm already feeling a lot less stressed. :)

SSY, Maryland

What a gift it was to talk with you yesterday! And WOW, I felt so much better when I got off the phone! Stronger, more confident, and clearer! Later in the afternoon, my boss and I had a conversation. At first he was very open, in good spirits. Then later he turned and got snappy with me. This would have affected me in a negative way in the past, where I would have obsessed about it and been in angst over it. However, yesterday, I actually felt myself get annoyed and thought, "Okay Mike, get over it ... I don't need to deal with this attitude." What a change!! I attribute it to our work yesterday morning. So thank you again!

KR, Colorado, Massage Therapist & Healer

Dealing with job satisfaction issues, concerns about my marriage/family and generally wondering what on earth I was doing, I found Madhu's sessions to have instant and positive results. They instilled positive vibrations in me so I could start enjoying life again. They have allowed me to look at the world in a more holistic fashion, enabling me to deal with set-backs and wins in a more balanced manner. They have changed my life!

SC, Washington DC

I had a talk to give and I was very nervous. It was the first presentation I was giving with a company I had just joined. Madhu asked me to tap on specific points on my body while she said some statements. I found myself becoming calm and the talk went great! I was no longer bothered by nerves. Since then, I have given many more presentations, and although I am somewhat nervous, I have never had that kind of attack of nerves again.

NK, Maryland